How To Choose An Entryway Rug

The entrance of your home gives the first impression of your home so you should incorporate rugs in the décor to make sure it gives off the style and vibe you want. You can find different types of rugs like traditional rugs, Persian rugs, and antique rugs with various patterns and colors making it difficult to select the best one suited for your home. Follow the below tips for choosing an entryway rug.

Select A Durable Material

Entryway takes the most foot traffic in the house so if you’re placing any rug, you should select a durable material that is stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Wool rugs are durable and the most common, but they have a high cost. You need a rug material with lower cost and high durability. Therefore, go with polypropylene rugs, polyester rugs, sisal rugs, or cotton rugs because they provide strength but they are also washable.

It Should Be A Non-Slip Rug

We discussed earlier that entry is the most high-traffic part of a house and everyone including the people who don’t frequently visit the place uses the entryway to enter the house. A homeowner may be used to the behavior of their entryway rug and won’t slip, but a guest could slip if the rug doesn’t stay in its place often.

So, use a non-slip rug. If your rug gets dragged frequently, get a rug pad that you can place under the rug to avoid tugging and dragging.

Cost Of The Rug

A rug placed in the entryway should be replaced more frequently than a rug in a dining room. Therefore, selecting a high-cost rug is not suggested, but they may need to replace it soon. Therefore, select low-cost materials that provide medium or high durability.

If you can’t make a choice for a low-cost material, choose a synthetic material because synthetic rugs have lower costs and decent durability.

Choose The Right Rug Size

A big rug in a small entryway won’t give off the visual appeal that is associated with rugs. Similarly, placing a small rug in a huge entryway will look minuscule.

When selecting the size of a rug, consider how much floor you want to show. A rug differs from carpets. The latter covers the whole floor, but the former doesn’t. usually, rugs should show some floor to add depth to the décor, but how much you want to show is your preference.

If you have beautiful hardwood flooring, you can select a smaller rug, but if your floor has some cracks or the floor is not appealing, you can use a bigger rug.

Moreover, keep in mind the dimensions and design of the entryway. A narrow entry should have a runner rug or a 2×3 or 3×5 rug. Moreover, you can try 4×6 and bigger rugs for wide entryways.

Go For Patterned Rugs

Patterned rugs come in many designs so you’ll find a pattern that you’ll like to take home. These rugs are appealing to the eyes, but they have another benefit. These rugs can hide dirt and dust more easily than simple rugs which have no design or pattern.

As the entryway is the area of your house that will be used by everybody who enters your house, you need a rug that doesn’t look dirty after just one day. Therefore, patterned rugs are the best for entryways. Furthermore, make sure you choose colors that aid in hiding dirt and dust.

Round Rugs Are For Wide Entryways

Rectangular and square rugs are common, but there are also round rugs if you want a different shape for your rug. However, make sure that your entryway is wide if you’re considering getting a round rug.

Round rugs need to be big enough and still leave some amount of floor for best results. This is not possible for narrow entryways. Additionally, if your space is wide, you can also try unusual rug shapes as well.


Entryway rugs can help you set the tone of the house as you want it to be with the pattern and design of the rug. Moreover, entryway rugs can also protect your floors and if you use a rug pad, both the rug and the floor will last longer. Look for wholesale Oriental rugs Virginia made of low-cost but durable materials in rug stores.

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