How To Plan A Wedding In 3 Months Or Less

Usually, wedding planning begins 9-12 months before the day. However, if you want to plan your wedding that’s going to be within 3 months, you still have a chance to pull this off given that you hire wedding rentals that you can rely on. To save money, look for cost-effective wedding rental packages. Here’s how to plan your wedding in 3 months.

Wedding Planning In 3 Months

Select Your Date

When you want to get married within 3 months and want to select a date, you should be flexible with the exact date. Keep a few dates in mind and look for important things like the venue and planners within the selected dates.

Set Your Wedding Budget

After selecting the date, you should sit down and create a wedding budget that both the bride and groom are comfortable with. A set budget will make the selection process of everything easier because you will know how much you can spend and which things are inside your wedding budget.

Find A Venue

Many couples book a venue 9 months or a year in advance so selecting a venue for your wedding in 90 days will be difficult. Don’t expect to book the most preferred wedding venue in the city or town because it may already be booked. The same may be with many other venues.

For making the process easier, you should select a weekday date for the wedding because you may find some good venues that are not booked for some weekdays.

If you want to make your wedding smoother, choose a venue that provides everything you need from tables and chairs to napkins and catering. This will save you lots of time in finding and dealing with vendors separately for these services.

Create Your Guest List

Finding a venue and creating a guest list should be done together so you settle on a number of guests and then choose a venue that can accommodate your guests. You should also keep in mind that your wedding invite may be too late for some guests as they may have prepared other plans already. So, create include a few more guests once you start receiving the replies.

Give Your Guests A Head Up

If you don’t want a guest to miss your wedding, it will be a good idea to notify them that you’re having a wedding and the wedding dates before sending the invitations. This will give them a head up and they will avoid planning anything else on those dates.

Create Your Team

Organizing a wedding is stressful and you can’t do it alone. Therefore, you will need an event team who will help you in the process. Set roles and responsibilities for people who you want to involve in the wedding and who are pleased to help you out. Make sure the roles are clear and you won’t want two people booking two different caterers.

Hire A Wedding Planner

Having a wedding planner on your side for your wedding planning can make a big difference in having a dream wedding. And when you have your wedding in 3 months, a wedding planner is kind of a must. Moreover, they can make your vendors’ search easier too because they work with many and can connect you with some who are available on your selected dates.

A wedding planner is helpful but if you want to organize your wedding yourself without a planner, it’s possible. Make sure to keep a checklist and have a team.

Find Vendors

You should start searching for vendors from the get-go as well because many may be booked. Again, a weekday wedding is better because you may find vendors on those days. You will need an officiant, photographer, tent rentals, florist, caterer, stationer, transportation, hotel rooms, and others.

Some vendors provide multiple services so strike a deal with wedding tent rentals Clarksburg to get reduce the stress of dealing with many vendors.

Group Together Your Wedding Party

Don’t leave wedding party creation and do it as early as possible. The people you select can help you in the process. Moreover, the wedding party may need to plan pre-wedding parties and shop for attire with you, so selecting them early is useful.

Wedding Dress

The time restriction you have doesn’t mean you can’t choose the best dress you want. If you’re having a wedding in 3 months, you may have to compromise on the venue, but the wedding dress can be exactly as you like. Make sure you don’t delay this step. And make sure to wear the dress one month before so if there are any improvements or problems, you can get them done. Shop with your bridesmaids or groomsmen to finish the process smoothly.

Select A Wedding Theme And Style

This includes everything visible at the wedding venue. Work with the venue management or your planner to go through different themes and styles and select one of them. The theme and style will help you select the décor, tables and chairs, dishes, tents, and other items.

Send Out The Invitations

You should select invitation designs after choosing the date, venue, and guest list. You can these traditional invites, but to make sure they are not received too late, notify the guest through email and instant messaging as well. Sending a photo of the invite will be a nice gesture as well.

Decide The Menu For The Reception

Once you have booked a caterer, you can choose any menu you like so there is no restriction here. You can choose the menu keeping the guests in mind or include items that show your taste in food.

The Wedding Rings

If you don’t want to spend too much on wedding rings and want something quick, you should go with the options that are already available. However, if you want to order something unique and personal, it may take 4-6 weeks. You should not delay this step especially if you’re ordering a custom ring, so they are ready much before the big day.

Cake Tasting

This will be fun because you will be visiting your local bakeries and tasting their cake flavors. Once you like the products of a bakery, go through the flavors they offer, the designs, and everything else to order a delicious and beautiful wedding cake.

Plan Your Rehearsal Dinner

There are no restrictions on how small or big you want the rehearsal dinner. It’s usually for loved ones and people close to you. You will need to select a theme, location, and timing for the rehearsal dinner. Moreover, make sure to have gifts for the wedding party. If you have parents, they will give speeches so have them prepared for that. Any wedding party member can give a speech as well.

Create Your Wedding Day Timeline

Once everything is set, you should make a wedding day timeline that all the guests and your wedding planner should have. Everyone will know what to expect and the planner or the people who have been assigned roles will know what to do and when.


Planning a wedding in 3 months is possible if you start from the next day you decided to marry after 12 weeks. The first two weeks will be the busiest because you will need to get things going and book wedding party rentals Northern VA, venue, and other services.

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