6 Popular Foods That Cause Obesity

Obesity is the leading cause of many severe disorders and diseases. Controlling obesity is key if you want to remain healthy and lead an active lifestyle. Here is a list of foods you should avoid to prevent obesity.

French Fries

French fries, a perfect side to go with your juicy burger. But they are also the number one food which causes weight gain and obesity. French fries, made out of potatoes, are deep-fried in oil, which increases the fat content in the fries by many a fold. Also, potatoes, being carbohydrates, lead to excessive weight gain, if you don’t eat it in controlled portions.

But French fries are hard to resist, and no one likes to portion control these delicious fingers. So, what you can do is make them at home with your normal cooking oil and control the salt in them as well. Homemade fries are the best option if you can’t seem to let go of French fries, but you are worried about your weight gain.

Ready-To-Drink Fruit Juices

Seems easy, right? If you feel like having some juice at any moment, just go to the supermarket and grab a carton of readymade juice. But what you don’t know is that these ready-made juices are packed with sugar, preservatives, and artificial flavors and colors. There is almost little to no fruit in these juices. If you really are craving juice, then you might want to press your own fruits at home to make nutritious juices for yourself.

It will give you energy and you will not feel lethargic after drinking it. Processed fruit juices, because they have a lot of sugar, make you gain a lot of weight and it doesn’t seem to give you the boost of energy that you need. So, it is best that you make your own juices at home, which are powerhouses for nutrition.

Processed Foods

Foods like deli meat, processed butter, cheese, margarine, etc. are not good for you and they are the main reason for obesity. Processed meats are also not good for you, as they are packed with preservatives and have no nutrition in them. So, it is best that you opt for organic foods, meat, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid processed foods as much as you can, because, obesity, it also causes high blood pressure, diabetes, and other silent disorders, which will deteriorate your health. Don’t go for convenience and stick to organic fresh fruits, meats, and vegetables. They will help you to remain active and reduce the chances of weight gain as well.

Carbohydrate-Rich Foods

Things like white bread, pita bread, white dough, cookies, etc. have a lot of carbohydrates in them. Carbohydrates are necessary to give your body energy, but it should be eaten in moderation and in a balanced quantity. If you over-consume carbohydrates, it will settle in parts of your body and lead to weight gain, in the long run. Carbohydrates almost instantly increase your weight.

Frozen Foods

Ready-to-eat frozen foods have added a lot to our convenience, but convenience doesn’t always mean healthy. Frozen foods have a lot of preservatives in them, which make them last longer in the freezer without going bad, also, to cook them, you need a lot of oil as well. Deep frying anything causes obesity because the oil seeps deep inside the food that you are frying.

Milk Chocolate

Yummy and hard to resist, milk chocolate, as much you love eating it, is not good for our body. Milk chocolate, specifically, causes a lot of weight gain and fat increase in your body, because milk chocolate has a lower grade of cocoa in it and has a lot of fat, which makes it taste delicious. Eating milk chocolate in moderation is key.

There you go. Giving this list of obesity causing foods doesn’t mean you can’t ever eat them again. In everything, moderation is necessary. So, eat everything, but in moderation and continue to do workouts and exercises frequently to burn the extra fat and to keep your muscles lean and attractive.

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