How To Manage Facebook Reviews?

We are living in an era where social media platforms are not only connecting people and passing information but also giving birth to businesses. There is no doubt that Facebook probably being the biggest platform influences the market but not without managing its reviews and recommendations first using a review management system. Let us look at how you can use them in your favor.

Keep The Process Simple & Easy

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that managing Facebook reviews is only possible as long as you have the reviews coming in. While you may think not receiving reviews might save your business from negative criticism, do not forget that you will be missing out on the positive reviews as well.

That said, it is important to keep the process simple & easy. No one likes to spend more than a minute or two writing a review. On top of that, people hardly have the time to look up your business page to pen down reviews. This means that you will need to make the process quicker such as sending review emails and texts that link directly to your review page.

Consider The Timing

The next important factor worth considering is the timing. The majority of businesses are not aware of the fact that timing has a crucial role to play when it comes to receiving positive reviews.

According to several studies, businesses receive the best results when they send a review request on the same day as the customer interaction with the business. In other words, if you are sending your customers review requests after a month, do not be surprised if they fail to accommodate your request.

Keep It Professional

When it comes to managing reviews, not every day is going to be the same day. On some days, you might have good reviews coming in, while the other days might only offer negative. Moreover, there is a probability that you receive mixed reviews as well.

Regardless of the type and nature, you should always keep your responses professional. For instance, upon receiving a positive review, you should thank your customer for taking out the time and putting in the effort.

In case of a negative review, you should try to understand what the customer is trying to say instead of hurrying with your excuses and replies. Most businesses tend to practice the same and end up hurting their image.

Customers simply do not like businesses putting in their explanations first without accepting their flaws. So, as long as they are willing to accept the criticism, the customers should not have a problem offering reviews.

Pay Close Attention To What Customers Are Saying

If your customers are coming up with reviews, do not think that this is the only place they will be doing it. It might be that they are writing reviews on multiple platforms and you will need to keep an eye on that.

It is often that businesses are happy as long as they have positive reviews showing up on Facebook, only to have everything go down the drain as soon as they find out people have been talking bad about them on other platforms.

Therefore, if you know what your customers are saying about you, you will be able to share more relevant content and modify your products or services to meet the changing customer preferences.

Be Quick With Your Responses

Being quick with your responses is a sure way to easily manage positive reviews coming in. For this, use review management software. Think of yourself as a customer and see how it would feel reaching out to a company with a response coming in two days later. Bad, right? The same is the case with your customers.

If a customer is reaching out to you in the afternoon and your reply comes in, in the middle of the night, it is most likely that you have already lost the customer. Therefore, quick responses are actually a thing and contribute a lot to a business’s reputation.

Make sure that you either manage the reviews personally or hire an expert who can do it for you to prevent customers from shifting to your competitors.

Be Personal With Your Responses

As mentioned earlier, your customers are putting in time and effort when it comes to writing reviews and honestly, they expect the same when it is your time to reply. So, an automated message saying “thank you” is not going to be enough.

It not only is rude but also ruins the opportunity for you to create a personal connection. This means, the customer most likely will not purchase from you again.

To prevent such scenarios, always reach out personally and ask the customer what more you can do for them.

How to Get Facebook Reviews for Your Business Page?

Promote Your Page On Other Social Media Platforms

Although, Facebook is a huge platform itself that does not mean you should not be promoting your page on other social media platforms. Customers tend to have different preferences and, in your case, the majority of the customers might prefer Twitter over Facebook.

So, if you are only sticking to Facebook, you might not get the response you expected. This is why you need to be active across other social media platforms as well. This will eventually help build a reputation as the customers begin sending reviews your way.

Moreover, another method of getting more reviews is holding events on Facebook and other social platforms. This will stir interest.

Set Up A Chatbot

You might have observed chatbots becoming popular with each passing day. While most customers ignore the messages popping up on their screen, as a business owner it is important that you give it value. The reason is that chatbots help reach a wider customer segment without much manual effort.

The customer can send the review with just a click of a button and the same is the case on your side when it comes to the response. This means more reviews for your business.

Send SMS Messages For Feedback

If as a business owner, you are serious about your reviews, you should be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Even though there are many ways to ask your customers to write reviews, sending an SMS is a bit personal.

More importantly, mobile devices have become a central part of your lives. We cannot go without it for even a single day. So, if you are sending an SMS to your customer requesting feedback, the chances are they will respond.

Send Email Invitations

Sending email invitations is another way to get more reviews coming in. To make it easier for your customers, simply attach a link that will direct them to the review page. In return, you can offer your customers discounts or coupons, etc.

However, keep in mind that you cannot offer discounts or coupons only for positive reviews. This way, you will be forcing your customers to say something good about you. It might work for a while but you can get in serious trouble if a customer decides to speak against it.

Plus, do not bombard your customers’ inboxes with requests. A request once or twice a week should be enough. And if they still do not respond, focus on other customers that would be willing to offer a review.


In the end, managing Facebook reviews is never going to be easy. However, consistency is key. Keep in mind the tips mentioned above, make use of a white label review management software, and try adapting to new strategies to match the changing market dynamics.

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