Painting Contractors: Benefits Of Being Your Own Painting Contractor

When you are planning on painting your house there are two options that you can go with: paint it yourself or hire painting contractors to help you.

Why you should be your own painting contractor

If you have the painting skills, you should go ahead and paint your house. One of the major benefits of being your own contractor is that you save plenty of money that you would have spent hiring a contractor. Another benefit is that you get to have full control of the project. You decide how and when to sand the surfaces, the paint to apply, how to apply it and any other technicalities involved in the project.  Also, when you are painting the house by yourself, you can invite some of your friends and relatives to help with the work. When well executed, the project can be a lot of fun.

Why you shouldn’t be your own painting contractor

Just as the sides to a coin, there are a number of negatives that come with being your own painting contractor. One of the flaws is that you can easily damage your property and items inside the house. If you have never painted before you most likely don’t know how to professionally go through the painting stages. For example, you might not properly sand the surfaces resulting in poor results. You may be required to repeat the painting work which can be expensive.

In some cases, you might not properly cover the furniture resulting in paint stains. This might require you to replace the items which are expensive. Another flaw of painting your house is that you might not know the right paint to use. Different areas require different types of paints and using the wrong paint results to poor work.

If you are a career person you might not have the time to dedicate to painting. This results in the project lagging behind for a long time. In some cases, you might be too busy to get time to paint.

To avoid the complexities that come with being your own painting contractor you should hire professional painters to help you with the work. The painters have previously handled similar projects; therefore, they will professionally paint your house thus giving you perfect results. They will also choose the right paint types for your surfaces. The only downside of hiring local painting contractors is that you have to pay them. You should research and find the most reputable ones charging a small fee.

Things that most first time painters struggle with

When you are painting your house for the first time either by yourself or by hiring professional painters, there are many things that you are uncertain about.

Things many first time painters are unsure about

Primer: You must have read that you must have a primer for your walls to look great. Other people feel that the primer is a waste of time. You should know that for your walls to look great and have a professional finish you should apply a primer. Primers not only come in handy when you are transitioning from one color to the other, but they are also useful in smoothing out any discolored spots on your walls.

Taping: Taping is time-consuming, and tiring thus some people feel that its use isn’t worth it. Some painting contractors may be able to paint the walls without taping professionally, but if it’s your first time to paint or you aren’t confident in your skills, you should always use it. The tape comes in handy when you want to paint stripes or walls of a different color.

To get the most from your work, you should use the right type of tape. You should avoid cheap tapes as they will come off with the paint when removing them which lowers the quality of your painting work.

Number of coats: Some people advocate for two coats of paint while others don’t have a problem with applying one coat. Your decisions should be informed by the quality of paint that you have. If you have high-quality paint, you don’t have to apply two coats, but if the quality is wanting, you should go for two coats to achieve ideal results. To save money and have an easy time you should always use high-quality paint.

The ceiling issue: Should you or shouldn’t you paint the ceiling? It all depends on you. If you like some color on the ceiling, go for it. If you are comfortable with the current look of the ceiling you shouldn’t stress yourself over the painting.


These are some of the major issues that most first time painters struggle with. While you will save some money if you paint the house on your own, you should always aim at hiring the local painting contractors to help you with the work. In addition to them giving your walls a professional finish, they end up being cheaper and time-saving as you don’t have to buy the painting supplies and spend your time painting.

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