How To Combine Your Kitchen And Dining Room

If you’re considering kitchen remodeling and are thinking of merging your dining room or area with it, then here are some amazing tips for you.

Why You Should Have Combined Dining Area And Kitchen?

Can you combine your dining room with your kitchen? The answer is a simple Yes. If you need more convincing, then here are some things that will do your kitchen and house wonders if you combine the dining area and kitchen together.

Gives A More Integrated Look

A combined kitchen and dining room will give a more complete and integrated look to your house. If you have a smaller house and want to give the illusion of a bigger open floor plan, then you can do so, by combining the dining space and the kitchen together. The results will be mind-blowing.

Adds Value To Your Home

If you didn’t know this already, having a combined kitchen and dining room is going to add a lot of value to your house when you go and sell it. It is a highly demanded layout and because of the open floor plan, people will love this tiny addition to your house. It will make your house look good on the market as well.

So, if you want to add some extra cash to your bank, then you might want to consider this layout for a change. It will not only look good but buyers will also appreciate this layout.

Ideas For Combing The Dining Room And Kitchen

Here are some design ideas if you want to combine your kitchen and dining room together.

A Grand Entrance

One way to make your kitchen and dining area look impeccable is to have a grand entrance. This doesn’t mean anything extravagant, but you want to have a big layout or hallway that leads to the dining area. This is going to give the illusion of a bigger space and the place will look warmer and more inviting.

Also, the placement of the dining table is important when leading to the entrance to the dining room. This is going to make your room look spectacular.

Remove All Walls

Another thing you can do to make the space look a lot bigger and blended is to remove all of the walls between the dining room and the kitchen. This is going to give a smooth transition from the kitchen to the dining area and there will be no harsh lines of demarcation or differentiation between the two areas.

If there are any walls between the two spaces that need to be combined, then you might need to remove them in order to get the full impact and effect of the open floor plan.

Blend The Floors

This is also a very important tip to remember when trying to combine the kitchen area with the dining room. Make sure that the kitchen flooring is the same as the dining room. Again, this helps with blending the two spaces together and it gives the illusion of a bigger and joined space as well as giving a boost to the open floor plan.

Having different floors in the kitchen and dining room will make the space look choppy and different and it will ruin the whole illusion. So, if you’re combining your dining area and the kitchen, then you may as well change the floors to a single material.

Get Creative With Storage

Last but not least, if you’re worried about the kitchen looking crowded or not having enough space for the pantry essentials, then you need to think about creative ways to store things. There are walk-in pantries and hidden shelves which can be used for storage and these additions will give your kitchen a more sleek and minimal look.

These things are also quite practical and they are great storage spaces for your food products and other miscellaneous things you don’t want laying around the kitchen.


These tips are going to make your kitchen look aesthetically pleasing and the whole space will tie together beautifully. So, what are you thinking about? Discuss your ideas with kitchen remodeling companies, get quotes, select a company based on quotes and portfolio, and begin the project. stream

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