How To Remove A Tree That Fell On Your House

A tree can fall on your house due to many reasons like high winds, hurricanes, storms, flooding, and tree problems. Regardless of the reason, you should act quickly if a tree falls on your house and get in touch with various pros including tree storm damage removal services.

What To Do If A Tree Falls On Your House?

Ensure The Safety Of Your Family And Pets

You should take your family and pets and either move out of the house or gather everyone in the part of the house that is not damaged by the fall of the tree. You can move to a neighbor’s house or someone else you know.

Assess The Damage

If it’s nighttime, you can wait for the sun to rise for assessing the damage or use a flashlight. If the power lines are down with the tree, try to turn off the power to the house from the main breaker. Similarly, turn off the gas line at the meter.

Take Pictures And Make Videos

You should have proof of the tree fall and damages done by it for later use. So, use your phone and take photos of the tree and the part of the house damaged by it. Take photos from different angles and also make videos that show the damages clearly.

Cover The Openings If You Can

Fallen trees can cause a lot of damage like breaking windows, damaging the roof, and collapsing walls. With care, try to temporarily cover any openings.

Call For Help

You need to inform multiple people and companies if a tree falls on your house. You may need to call the insurance company and utility companies. They will assess the situation and may advise you who to call next such as roofers, tree services, etc.

As a tree fall is a dangerous and serious issue, a roofer will check the roof and ensure that the structure of the roof is sound. A tree service can help you deal with the tree safely without causing more damage to your house.

Steps To Remove A Tree That Is Fallen On Your House

Get A Permit If Required

We know that it may sound strange that you need to get a permit for removing a tree that’s fallen on your house. However, you should make sure to fulfill the formality of a permit because some cities and counties have rules about tree removal even for fallen trees.

Ensure Safety

You should wear safety gear and have at least one more person with you for removing the tree. Moreover, make sure that the tree is safe for cutting. Many trees can bring down power lines with them increasing the risk of electrocution. If there is damage involved to electric lines, call in your electric supplier for handling the issue and ensuring safety.

Get The Right Tools

Although you let a professional remove a fallen tree, if you want to do it yourself, get the right tools. Other than a chainsaw, you may also need a tree shear, axes, crosscut saws, brush grubber, brush mower, and rigging tools. If you’re not sure which tools are required, inquire from a tree service.

Chop The Tree

You should begin cutting down the tree from the top and start removing its branches. Move down as you cut the branches and leave nothing on the tree trunk. Keep in mind that tree branches are heavy and you should take care when cutting them. Make sure nobody is under the branch when you cut it.

After stripping the tree trunk of the branches, you can slice the tree into smaller pieces. Use the chainsaw carefully and don’t operate it without wearing safety gear.

You may be able to keep the wood for your own use if it’s dry wood. You can ask the gas or electric supply pros about it who will visit your place for assessing any damages to the gas or power supply.


Cutting down a regular tree is difficult, but cutting a tree that’s fallen on a house is way too hard. It requires experience and skill and it’s best left to professionals. Don’t take the risk yourself and hire emergency tree services Chevy Chase.

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